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Home phone not working

Level 2
Level 2

I am using NBN Bundle (Internet +Phone line). 

I am currently unable to use my home phone, it had been down for more than a week. When I pick up the phone I can hear some noise but not the normal dialing tone. My friend has tried to call me but not success.  I have tried reboot the modem and reconnecting the cables etc but still not working. Internet service is OK so far. Please help


Hi @KT


Welcome to Community! 


We're sorry to know that you are having difficulties with the homephone service. 


I did try to search for your account so we can run tests on your connection however I am unable to find a match. 


So we can further assist you, please send your TPG Customer ID or service address via private message. 


For your reference: How do I private message (PM) in the community



Thank you!