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How to turn on/off number display/directory listing on your home phone

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This article will step you through how to toggle number display and directory listing settings.

You will need to log into my account here to access the below options


For NBN Sevices

Log-in to My Account

Select " View NBN Digital Voice Service Account



















Select " NBN Digital Voice Service Control Panel"





Set your settings for Number Display / Directory ListingClick 'Update' once done





For ADSLSevices

Log-in to My Account

Select " View TPG Home Phone Service Account





















Select " Home Phone Service Control Panel"





Set your settings for Number Display / Directory Listing






Click 'Update' once done




  • Once details are modified for directory listing please allow approximately 5 working days for the changes to reflect on White Pages/Sensis.


  • Your directory listing (if any) from your previous provider may or may not be carried across to TPG. TPG will not list your number by default, however customers may choose to list the number in the directory by logging into Your Account section after their account with TPG is active.


   For more info, visit… 

   ADSL2+ - > Optional Service/Features

   NBN - > Optional Service/Features