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I am currently on a NBN Business XL Bundle Fast plan and we do not use the digital phone service provided by TPG. Instead we ported the phone number provided by TPG to Vonex (previously MyNetFone) as TPG VOIP server details are no longer released and TPG phone services can not be used by anything other than TPG modems.


We have been using the ported number for almost 5 years from Vonex but when I ecently looked into the phone service details on the TPG portal, it lists the phone number in use as the one we ported to Vonex.


How do I confirm which number is associated with my plan, as it can not be the one we ported to Vonex. Also, I am afraid to make any changes to the phone number on TPG's portal as we might lose the number somehow and our business can not afford this to happen.


Please help.


Hi @alspa


PM us with your TPG account details or the landline number so we can confirm the details on your service.