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Optus router with TPG Broadband home bundle

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Please find below screenshots and thank you very much for your prompt replies.

All the pictures are in sequence.


Home page



Advance Settings


Options in advance Setup


Options in Management



Thank you for the screenshots @measum12.


In the first image, I noticed that there's a "Setup and Configuration".


Are you able to click on it and provide us a screenshot of what it will provide?




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hi mate,


this is what i get


I see.


When you click the "ADSL2+ Login" option, does it direct you to the first image in the previous screenshot?



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@BasilDV  You are absoluty right. it goes to same login page


Thank you @measum12.


Try to uncheck the "Connecting to Optus" option.


Then, try to put your TPG credentials instead of the Optus credentials on the username/Email and password box.


Click save, then let's see how it goes.


You may also provide us a screenshot if there's any changes after unchecking the said option.



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Thanks @BasilDV 

please find below screen shot "6.png"


if i put optus/optus as usr/pwd then i get blank page (2nd image 7.png)





Try to reset the modem first to start fresh.


Then try again.


Also, please delete the image (6.png) as it has your username.


Thank you.

Level 3


I hard reset it. and then entered my tpg username/pwd. something magical happened and my net start working. 

That checkbox "connect to optus" get enabled automatically but my internet on tpg is working now so my problem is resolved.


thanks a lot @BasilDV 

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Sounds great!


I can confirm that the internet is already working.


Have a great weekend.