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People unable to call my landline (once again).

Level 1c

People are unable to call my landline and either receive no dial tone or a message that " the area they are trying to call is congested OCA0142". Does this sound familiar? How about fixing it properly this time and not just for a month or two or should I call the Telecommunications ombudsman? In your court!

Best regards,

                     Nic Benson



Hi @hawkeyenic


Apologies that you are experiencing trouble again with the homephone connection. I have raised the issue with our Engineering team to conduct further investigation. 


An update should be provided within the next 24hrs. Should you have a preferred time to be contacted, please let us know so I can pass it along to their team.






Hi @hawkeyenic


I realised that one of our Engineers has been in touch with you to advise that the issue is currently being investigated. Further updates will be provided as soon as it becomes available. 


Should you have further queries, you may reply directly to the SMS sent by our Engineering team for direct assistance. 



Thank you!