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Phone can't receive calls

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I have had my account for nearly 10 months now and wondered why nobody called my home number or ever answered it whenever I tried calling it. I just tried calling the home number but the handset won't ring or recognise an incoming call. It can call out with no problems. There is no divert turned on either. Can somebody help trouble shoot this issue. I have a Panasonic Modle KX-TG6821AL phone.


Hi @Mappy


Welcome to the Community! 


I've since located your account using your Community details and did an initial test to determine what's causing the phone not to function. 


The type of service that you have is the NBN Fibre to the Node in which uses VoIP technology for the homephone to work; so long as there's internet, the homephone should work as well. Nonetheless, I'll provide some basic troubleshooting to isolate what's causing the issue. 


Kindly check this article for the FTTN set up: Fibre to the Node/Building (NBN FTTN/FTTB) Setup Guide


If the set up is all correct and the homephone still doesn't work, kindly perform a reset on the modem. 


If all else fails, let us know so we can have our Technical Team to perform troubleshooting along with you.


We'll wait for your response.