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Requests put through to reinstate outgoing calls, but nothing happens!

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TPG I am very frustrated. I have called you 3 times in 3 weeks to re-instate my outgoing calls. I added on a Big Talk add on and unkown to me, all outbound calls stopped and a computer glitch removed my direct debit payment!  So because payment was outstanding by $11 my service was suspended. I did not learn this until my SECOND call to TPG.


Call 1 - you could see the outgoing calls weren't working and requested it be re-instated in 48 hours. I waited and nothing.


Call 2 - a week later, still not working. I was then told it is because I havent paid a bill. This is news to me because I pay by direct debit and always have. So I paid the outstanding amount and was told the account would be re-instated in 48 hours. Another week later and I still can't making outgoing calls. In addition, TPG said I have no add ons so added back the Big Talk add on.


Call 3 - This is week 3, no one knows why it isnt reinstated yet, no one has called me back.


I am so frustrated because the elderly person who lives here can't call people or for medical help if needed! This is terrible service.


I am on the verge of moving my account to Telstra. PLEASE HELP!


Hi @Ninit


Welcome to the Community!


We were able to locate your account and learned that you've been in touch with our team via FB.


This has been raised to our Escalations team and further updates will be provided by your case manager once available.