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TPG Home Phone & Internet Issues - ADSL Home Bundle.

Level 4

Still no email from TPG and it is the only form of contact as of the "third date" given for repairs.

Still no landline phone and still an unpredictable internet, although not as bad as the first week followed by off/on/sluggish/cut outs at any given time, nor the end of last week when it was zilch again.

However, the dentist tried to call me last week I believe to confirm, and also on the day of my appointment because she wanted me to know something ahead of time, but no success.

Mobile too but no luck.

Found out when I got there - fortunately I still had the appointment card from the last session.

Not at all acceptable because a landline is necessary in my area due to mobiles being in a no signal area or spots that are weak if you are Optus etc.

As for any other kind of appointments coming up - can only hope it is not a repeat of the dentist.
Level 4
Latest Update:
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Still no landline and am crossing my fingers about the internet.

Yesterday, March 6th, 2020 was the earliest date given for a field technician. Number 4.

I put a complaint in to TIO as one month is far too long for it to be fixed.

The twist in the plot is that Telstra updated their repair date to March 27th, 2020, some time last night.

According to the "Customer Service Guarantee" for "Repairs and Maintenance" - any repairs should have been done by the "End of the next working day".

I think it is within my rights to request that Telstra should provide a full report as to what caused such damage and why it was not fixed by the next working day. And to fix it!

TPG - not once did you give any reason why my phone line was out nor why the internet was affected. I found that out looking at Telstra's website. Even then...

I want you to obtain a full report from Telstra outlining the damage and why it has not been fixed at all. Location as well.

March the 27th is unreasonable and unacceptable.

NOTE: TIO is Telecommunication Ombudsman for those other TPG customers (others too) that want something actioned.
Level 4
Field Technician Update:
March 6th, 2020.

1) No field technician came to the residential premises between 8am and midday today. 4th time a date has been given, but no person showed.

2) Internet was down again and the phone still out.

However, the phone has gone from CHECK PHONE LINE (3 weeks) to beep, beep, beep stop (1 week) and back to CHECK PHONE LINE again.

Internet is back on, but am not sure if it will be stable or not.

13:24 Correction:

My phone and internet is totally out.
Neighbour's phone is still fine.

2:32 pm Update:

Just tried my home phone from my mobile as am out doing some shopping and it is ringing for the first time in a month. Actually ringing.

I think that means the phone is fixed and if that is the case - the internet must be back on too. Crossing fingers.