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TPG Home Phone & Internet Issues - ADSL Home Bundle.

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Internet this afternoon was in and out on PC (mostly out) and also on a non TPG Mobile - did an unplugging of everything and full reboot to see if it was the issue - seems not.

Putting the phone elsewhere is irrelevant - other ports. Based on another post I read. The phone has "CHECK PHONE LINE" plus a static sound. The post I read had the same message, but not sure if it was resolved.

Managed to message via the TPG website about 30 mins ago, but it seems it can take 4 hours for a response.

The home phone is out, mobile as well and as for email - it is the only form of contact as long as there is a signal.

NOTE: Internet still in and out of signal.
Level 4

One Moderator on here started to look at it, but then came to a COMPLETE STOP and message stating: " engineer will contact you by phone or SMS in the next 24 to 48 hours".

After letting me know that he thought it could be a "copper wire issue", but he needed to test it further.

Must be a GENERIC RESPONSE as I made it clear PHONES ARE NOT CONTACTABLE. Not the TPG one nor the mobile.

How can anyone call if the phone is not working?!? Both for that matter.

Just stumbled upon "Downdetector" and it seems there are a lot having similar ssues with TPG today (08/02/2020) and even before today.

ADSL and NBN. Going by those reports - gee whiz!

My question is - is TPG capable of providing a quality service regardless of who they surf off of like Optus?

All I want is the phone and internet working 100% again.

When this happened a few years back we were told the full instalment of waterproof copper wiring/cables would stop any further outages.

Fast forward - outage on 08/02/2020.

So, what is causing these outages if it isnt the waterproofed cables?
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Still no phone and the internet signal is in and out - not constant. Like Dial Up at times.

But at least a technician is booked for the 13th of Feb to check out the copper wiring. However, there are reports of "technicians" never turning up or taking weeks to turn up for a job.

What if there is an emergency with fire, flooding or other?

Is that grounds for a lawsuit I wonder...

We truly understand the importance of having a working service, @MinB


We rely on our wholesale partner, Telstra to provide the service therefore we are subjected to their connection timeframe as well as scheduling. Whilst we endeavour to make the service available to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the service is not fault free and we cannot guarantee an uninterrupted service, or the speed, performance or quality of the service. There are many factors outside of our control which affect the services, such as but not limited to; the performance of third party suppliers and equipment and force majeure events



Nonetheless, our Engineering team is coordinating directly with Telstra in working towards a quicker resolution. 


Any updates will be provided as soon as they become available. 





Level 4
I received a text message this afternoon from your company about trying to "call me".


1) Phone home is still out of order.
2) Mobile doesn't work either and has to be in a signal area. And if in a signal area - how can I do what might be needed at home to be "tested". Eg Unplugging/Re-plugging/Rebooting etc.
3) No internet or very limited. Even with the mobile. Texting or SMS messaging is a hit and miss. Mostly a miss.

Am I missing any key points or do you need it more simplified than what is written above?

Also adding, "unknown" and "private numbers" are rejected.

Quite simply - there is no way to contact me via phone (out of order) at home nor on mobile. It is a hit or miss. Like a 95% miss.

I called my home phone today and the message said more or less: "The number you are trying to call is congested".

What does that mean exactly...

Hi @MinB,


One of our Engineers tried to contact you earlier today to provide an update on the current case progress unfortunately no avail. It seems that there is no more pending troubleshooting required based on the case progress, this has been escalated to Telstra and advised us that they will send out a Field technician to check the service on or before 12/02/2020 end of business days.


Updates will be provided when it becomes available via SMS or Phone call. we apologise for any inconvenience, let us know should you require further assistance.



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How many different phone numbers do you have? Surely ONE is enough to make one call from TPG to my mobile phone. Just one phone number - not THREE different ones so far.

"Unknown Numbers" and "Private" are rejected. No signal is another story.

And...a 50 minute wait time is totally ridiculous. Who has 50 minutes to wait?

Besides that - still a very limited dodgy internet, mostly dodgy, and still no home phone.

HI @MinB,


One of our Engineers contacted you earlier today. Our Technical Support Hotline is currently receiving a high volume of calls, we apologise for the inconvenience. Based on the latest log on file, Telstra told us that the Estimated Time of Resolution on the ongoing fault is until end of business day tomorrow, Feb 13 2020.

If you're having issue with your mobile reception, please send us the Customer ID of the account. So we can raise this with our Mobile Technical Support Team.



Level 4

7pm. 13/02/2020.

1) Still no home phone.
2) Dodgy internet.

TPG tried to call on my mobile again today whilst I was in the middle of the vegetable aisle in a supermarket of all places. Despite me saying not to, as no signal, or it needs the internet to work and even then! Not to mention "unknown" or "private numbers" are automatically rejected.

Email. Email. Email.

Better still - a working phone and internet would be better. The point of getting a phone was because mobiles are a hassle in this area.

I wonder if "5G" has come to these parts yet...
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Field technician my foot!

If you want to call - keep trying the home phone. You know the one - the one that hasn't worked in almost a week. No connection. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Outside of that option - try email instead.