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TPG Home phone not working

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How do i make the home phone work again?  


I have signed up for TPG for my elderly mother who lived alone and cannot use a touch screen mobile phone, and due to NBN cutoff signed up to TPG NBN12 with home phone plan


The day NBN was connected to the house they said the number could be ported, via SMS.  we said yes.  after the phone not working TPG support said can take up to 5 working days before the phone service worked. 


about 2 weeks later the service is still not wokring.  called TPG again and was advised we need a prepaid credit.  So we topped up some credit and was told 2 business days before the credit was activated.  This is similar to my own personal TPG service


We called again 2 weeks later as the home phone still wasnt working.  We were advised that the porting failed to contact the existing provider.  that didnt work becasue the existing provider cut us off a few months earlier as we had to move to NBN with a cutoff date but NBN was not available to the premesis and we waited nearly a year for the infrastructure to be installed with multiple tech visits in that time


We were issued a new phone number from TPG as a solution....... which took a few days and finally in november the phone system worked


end of november the phone stopped working again.  cannot call out.  We contacted TPG and they said we had to top up the prepaid amount.  My own personal TPG there is a "auto top up" feature however not with my mums.  Very inconvenient for an elderly woman to top up when she does not use a computer and internet.  So we topped up $20 prepaid balance again and we also added on the $10 included calls bundle with the plan.  Was told that this waould activate at the next billing cycle somewhere at the end of december.


Also in the mean time i had recieved multiple messages on NBN outages and emergency works.


January is here and the phone system still isnt working.  contacted TPG again. They raised a fult ticket and NBN attended and rectified the apparent fault.  and the ticket closed.  


We have again power cycled the NBN HFC and the modem multiple times, and also as TPG recommended is use a pin and hold down the reset button until the lights flash for it to hard reset. 


Tried the home phone again.  can recieve calls but cannot make calls.  The account still has the $20 prepaid voice balance on it and also the $10 additional is being charged from end of december.


What are we doing wrong?  its an incovenince to always have to attend my mother's place to try and sort it out, as well as trying to reduce the covid spreading risk to the elderly.  My mum didnt get to call her extended family at christmas time or new years due to these issues. its been countless hours of tech support  always told to wait to be resolved from either credit being applied, the new plan to take effect and thier technicans will look into it and leave everything on.    The account is in my name and i am paying for it.  i have no issues with my other TPG service


Ive reached the end of my patience and didnt realise that a phone service is so difficult.  so what am i doing wrong as its an engaged signal when i call a number being another local landline or mobile but calls inwards are fine?


Hi @joegiglio


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We tried to search for your account to no avail.

We'd like to look into this case and see what we can do to resolve this as soon as possible.


Please send me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number to assist you accordingly.