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1300 numbers are charged extra on a landline How can I check that?

How to know how much (Dollar) is available or left before topup?


Hi @gweilo78 ,


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When you dialled 1300 you will be charge 30¢ per call. 


For call rates, you may check this link

and look for "Important Things You Need to Know" near the bottom of the page.

Thee Home Phone Prepayment Outside Included Value is a pre-payment kept on the account for charges outside or in excess of your plan's included value. If your POIV (Prepayment Outside Included Value) goes below $10, we will automatically top up an amount to make it $20 again.

We've configured the system to notify you (or other customers on the same plan) that once the Home Phone Prepayment Outside Included Value has dropped below $10, we will automatically debit the account to restore the required balance of $20.00. Your internet will not be affected in the event that the pre-payment goes below the $10.


TPG My Account - Accessing your account information online:


Hope this video helps:







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Is the incoming calls to home phone chargeable??? Connection fee or anything???

Hi @manudhulipala,


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The incoming calls to home phone is not chargeable. Are you talking about the connection fee for the service? If so, we'd like to get your complete address and we'll see what available service in your area.



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I am asking about connection charge for any incoming call and not the installation of home phone.

Hi manudhulipala. There is no charge for the incoming call for our TPG FTTB, let me know should you require further assistance.