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"Telstra is unable to process porting transactions until at least 6/4/20."

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I suppose the 6/4/20 means the 6 April 2020.  Can TPG confirm it?

I can wait for some more days in April.  

But I don't want to wait till the 4 June 2020 for the porting is done.  It is suggested not to terminate the service from previous provider till the porting is done.   I suppose this means I will have to keep paying my previous provider till the porting is done.  Is my understanding correct?

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Hi, I hope this helps

Telstra are the only ones that can port your number.

And they have not able to currently do that.

But TPG can assign you a new number.

If you change provider, Telstra still have to port your original number, regardless of who your new provider is. So changing providers at this point in time may just complicate things.


You should have recieved a txt with a link to an info page through which you can let TPG know if you want a new number.

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Thank you very much Chris_b for your response.  Its very kind of you to try to help.


I wouldn't have switched provider if I was made aware of the porting issue.

I signed up for TPG nbn bundle on Mar 19, 2020.  It was only pointed out that it will take 1-5 days for porting the home phone number.  I don't remember I had ever seen such NOTICE during the sign up process.  Then I went through CHAT WITH INSTALLATION, CHAT WITH TECH SUPPORT,  and CHAT WITH CUSTOMER SUPPORT for days trying to get my phone to work.  The customer service finally came up with the NOTICE the other day.  By that time I already found the NOTICE in the TPG COMMUNITY.  Now I am placed in a situation to choose between giving up my old phone number or keep paying both providers until porting of number takes place.


It would be very nice if TPG would show the NOTICE to any customer in the sign up process if TPG has not done so. 

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This morning April 7, 2020 my home phone rang!  It stays working the whole day.  The porting seems to have been done.  Telstra could have resumed porting process.