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5G Wifi not connecting properly with Windows Devices

Level 2

Hello I have the Archer VR1600v modem,


When I do a factory reset of the modem and connect my Windows 10 computer to the 5G band it works great. However, after a while (> 12 hours) my Windows computer can no longer connect properly. I can still see the 5G wifi option and access it, but all sorts of issues occur once the computer is 'connected': such as:


The internet is no longer working

I can't even access the modem through the url method over wifi.


I have run Microsofts troubleshooter and it does 'resolve' the issues for a very brief amount of time, but then they almost isntantly come back.


I can still access on the 2G band, but I am really confused why the 5G doesn't work. 

Level 15

Hi @jordanpitt3142 . When you have the 5G problem on your PC, what happens with other wifi devices when they are used on 5G in the same location as the PC? Do they see low signal strength? Can they still access the router's admin screen? And the internet? If you switch the PC to the 2.4G band, does everything work right away?


There's also this standard stuff from TPG on wifi problems.

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