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5G says wrong password and it is not the wrong password

Level 2

I have tried resetting password, forgetting network, obtained new modem.  Nothing works 

Level 15

Hi Vivien.

Have you been able to connect to the 2.4G network on the original router or the new one? 

Wifi passwords are usually on a label on the router and are case-sensitive.

Try a factory reset on one of the routers, then try to connect to it. Wifi names and passwords are set to default. I assume that one or both of them can connect to the internet. If one doesn't connect to internet, do reset on that one.



Hi @Vivien


Thanks for raising this with us.


If you are able to connect to the 2.4GHz network, then you may try to personalise your 5GHz WiFi network instead.

Here's an article that will guide you in 'Changing your WiFi password on your TPG Modem'.


Stay safe.