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Anyone have no luck trying to find router with URL

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I have a standard NBN router supplied by TPG, and I have a hard time logging into my router, it is very hit-and-miss if I get a page found when I head to or


I have tried using Chrome, IE and Edge, all with the same results. I have also cleared the cache et. al.


Sometimes when I restart the router it logs in fine if I try soon after, but this is not a guarantee solution.


Any tips you can give me?



Hi @ben_vk 


The default IP address to access the modem interface is


You'll find it on the sticker of the modem along with the username/password and WiFi information.


If your computer is connected via WiFi or Wired, please run an ipconfig on your command prompt (Windows PC) and check for the default gateway which pertains to your modem's IP address.


Should you require further assistance, please let us know.