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Archer VR1600v v2 firmware

Level 3

I'd like to request my firmware to be updated pls.


Current versions are:

Hardware Version: Archer VR1600v v2 00000000
Firmware Version: 0.1.0 0.9.1 v5006.0 Build 190228 Rel.72265n


Trying to port forward with Archer and unable to get the perticular port open trie 80,8080, etc and used yougetsignal and grc to verfiy open port.


Please let me know if this is firmware issue or this perticualr model unable to do any port forwarding.


I have configure port forward-> NAT Forwarding -> Virtual Servers -> IP adddress and Port 







Hi @XoomBetaBrava


Are you able to check the UPnP is it's enabled or disabled? You might need to Enable it.


Did you change the IP address of your modem/router? The internal IP you used it different compared to the default one.

The port 10118 that you are trying to open, might need to be under TCP/UDP protocol/service type.


We will also request for firmware update if available.

Shoot me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number and updates will be provided once available.



Level 15

Hi @XoomBetaBrava . There is a later version of firmware for your router. I don't think that's the problem.

You don't need upnp.

Allow tcp and udp because port checking sites might only do tcp.

Are you on FTTB/FTTN? If not, you have to select the ewan interface.


Level 3

Pls send me latest firmware


i am on FTTN 

10118 meanness to be UDP for connection


Level 3

both ports allowed and check again same CLOSED status.

UPnP tried as well no change

TPG modem is on public IP plus LAN IP range is 10.91.10.x.- xx

Router is on 

Level 15

@XoomBetaBrava . Can you check that your computer's ip address is

Check that the port is open on the computer for UDP.

Do    netstat -an

UDP Port 10118 should be Listening.


Level 3

HI Please note .100 is router

set up is as below

TPG modem with public IP and LAN is 200

TRouter is connected to

Would like to open port for .100 (UDP-10118)

Set up ALL on (TPG Modem) virtual server  with IP address pointing to Router .100


netstat -an 


10118 not listed.



Level 15

@XoomBetaBrava . Your description sounds odd.

The screenshots you provided before looked ok.


The router has a LAN ip address of with pool and default gateway

The computer you want to access should have a reserved ip address so it is always the same on the lan. Make it outside of the pool.

The port forwarding rule points to which has to be the computer, not the router. (Even tho' .100 is in the dynamic pool, shouldn't stop it working.)


You're using a port checking tool on the internet. The port on the computer has to be Listening for the checking tool to connect to. Whatever port 10118 is used for, its application has to be running. The netstat command shows when the port is listening.


You need to set up Dynamic DNS so you can access your server using a name rather than a public ip address which changes from time to time.


Level 3
Yep explanation is correct.
.100 is router and fixed IP on Lan
10118 is UDM device VPN port for remote VPN setup.

10118 is set for listening on .100 router.
TPG modem is default GW

DDNS is next step if I get port working.
Level 15

@XoomBetaBrava . UDM is on fixed ip of .100.

From a computer connected to Archer, try to ping

Does UDM have Intrusion Detection?

Does UDM have packet capture function or do you have that on a computer?