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Asus DSL-AC68U and issue with Vlan ID 2 - if you have issue then join me

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Hi, is there any user with DSL-AC68U have an issue with TPG vlan ID 2.

I called ASUS and they keep saying this modem should working and the issue is with TPG but this is not TPG issue. I am going to log compliant with Australian Consumer law so looking for more users to join as this is Asus issue and they not accepting this or offer any fixes or any replacement. 

They say even after replacement if still issue then they can't do much!

reply to this or message me if there Option for PM so more users complain join then it will be a strong case.

I have some evidence but looking for more users

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Hi mate,


We are still facing the same Technical issue with you, It is unlucky for us, this is my concern about why TPG could not provide a third party router list for us as a standard model of different type of NBN connection, cause they provide the normal low-level tp link vr1600v router for same purpose with all different client, but everyone has the different purposes, so this technical issue made by TPG for my opinion, if they can provide different level router or compatible router list, that's the best way to decrease all these technical problems or concerns with the customers, what should I do for us atm when bought the AC68U but did not suit for FTTC VDSL NBN connection? thanks for your share and support.


Best Regards,




Hi @Raymondwwchen, we currently supply TP Link VR1600v modem for our NBN services, except for NBN FTTP, which we currently supply TP Link C1200 router only.


The VoIP service that comes with the NBN internet bundle is only configured on the TPG supplied modem, thus, we advise our customers to use the TPG supplied modem if they want to take advantage of the VoIP service.


However, customers have an option to use their own modem if they are not going to use the VoIP service, provided that it is NBN compatible modem.


We don't have any recommended make and model of modems.


For the modem configuration part, you just need to make sure that the VLAN is enabled and the VLAN ID should be set to "2".

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I've had this issue big time. Tried many ASUS firmware versions, even RMA'ed the device a few times but it changes nothing. The ASUS firmware patch notes state that vlan 2 works, but when you actually set it it tells you it's reserved for internal use. Only two options I can see here:
1) get TPG to stop using vlan 2

2) get ASUS to actually fix their firmware


Neither of which seem likely.


Hi @jb956741 


If ASUS won't work with the VLAN ID 2 configuration, then you have the option to change your NBN plan to the data only plan given that you don't use the bundled VoIP.

It will allow you to use a third party device without configuring the VLAN ID.