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Asus Router with TP Link 1600v Modem (HFC)

Level 2

Hi All, 


I previously had an Asus DSL68U acting as a router to my old Telstra Cable box - now that I have TPG NBN HFC i would like to use my Asus 68U as a router / Wifi in the same way when plugged into the TPG supplied modem 1600v. 


Bottom line, I would like the Asus 68U to do all routing and the 1600V to just do the modem.


I have followed multiple set up guides, correctly connected all cables etc (LAN1 from 1600v to WAN on Asus), and the only issue is that i cannot connect to the internet through the Asus 68U; i get an IP conflict error. It seems that both the Asus 68U LAN IP address and the TPG 1600V LAN IP address are both


I can resolve the issue by changing the Asus 68U LAN IP to, however that ruins my whole internal network as changes all local device IP addresses to put them on a different network. 


Is there an easy way to resolve the IP conflict issue?

Level 15

Hi nduff13. The DSL68U only has a RJ11 port to connect to a wall socket for ADSL or NBN FTTB/FTTN.

Try connecting from 1600V to Asus LAN port.

On Asus, set it to (or an address outside the 1600V dynamic range) and disable DHCP.

You can disable 1600V wifi and use just the Asus wifi.

Level 2

Hi David, thanks for the response but i actually want to use the Asus 68U as the router for everything; not just wifi i have all devices (computers, NAS, external drives etc) plugged into the Asus with all networking already done (some have static IP's etc). 


My understanding is that disabling DHCP on the router will cause issues with this existing setup. 


Further reading suggests that what i actually may need to do is somehow either put the 1600V modem into bridge mode (is this possible?) so it functions simply as a modem (bearing in mind that the 1600v connects to the NBN box to provide HFC), turn off DHCP (or NAT?) on the 1600v modem, change the IP address of the modem or maybe even just restrict the DHCP fields on the modem so that they don't overlap with the DHCP settings on the Asus?

Level 15

The 1600V can be put into bridge mode but there's no clear instructions. The TPG voip phone service won't work in bridge mode.

There is this:

You might need to do a factory reset first and you might need to delete the existing connection that has VID=2. Goto Advanced, Network, -DSL.

Putting it in bridge mode might do other things as well: disable dhcp and nat. You need to check on ip address.

You'll still lose 1 LAN port on Asus to connect to 1600V.