Changing Modems

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Trying to change my modem to one with a bigger range, I've tried using my username and password as suggested here;


but all I'm getting is no internet connection, I've set the vlan to 2. Is there anyway to confirm I'm using the right username and password?


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Was internet working before you connected the new router?

What type of NBN connection do you have and what model router?

Settings are PPPoE, username with on end, and password.. And VLAN ID=2, but not on FTTP..

You can check username and password by logging in to My Account or Post Office on your mobile phone

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Thanks, David, looks like I need to add the to the username. 

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Looks like adding didn’t fit it. I’m using the user name that’s attached to my account, any other way to confirm it’s the correct username?

Hi @172aunion


We're unsure what make & model of the modem you have but you can check this basic set up guide as a reference:


How to set up your TP-Link VR1600v modem


I realised the interface may be different but that will show what type of information needs to be used in certain fields. 


You may send us private message so we can also confirm whether you are using the correct TPG username & password.