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Chromecast connects but doesn't recognise my phone is on the same wi-fi.

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My Chromecast is a couple of years old and connected fine to my old NBN Broadband FTTN. I've since changed my internet to TPG 5G with the Sagemcom Fast 5866t modem but I can't get my Chromecast to work. I've made it forget the old Wi-Fi, I've connected it to the new Wi-Fi (it says 'connection successful') but when it actually tries to connect to my phone (I think, I'm not very technical) the message in the Google Home app says 'Can't see (name I gave my Chromecast) on this Wi-Fi network, check your phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi'. I only have one Wi-Fi. I've read a few things on the comminuty thread and tried to log into my modem but it won't let me, maybe something to do with the IP address being different. I don't know, it's all too complicated for me now!!! Please help!



Hi @Foball,


We have someone community users that experienced the same issue the 5G sagemcom modem is not compatible with chromecast. 


But you may try to connect the old modem/router and use it as a Wi-Fi extension to utilise chrome cast.


You may try to check this thread for reference,