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Connect old telstra modem to TGP modem LAN to maintain old wi-fi network

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I've just switched from telstra to tpg and have discovered a few problems with the wi-fi range of the tpg modem being terrible and also I have some devices that require a specialist to come in and reconfigure to work with new TPG router wi-fi network. 

As such, I was trying to connect my old telstra modem to the tpg modem using the LAN ports and that I could then continue using the wi-fi network of my old modem.  So the plug and play approach hasn't worked.  Any advice?


Hi @Humphry,


Welcome to the community!

If you wish to use your old modem from Telstra you will have to configure it manually.

I went ahead and tried to use your community details to pull up your account unfortunately no match.

The steps of how to configure a modem/router will depend on its manufacturer.

We posted an article about the general setup of ADSL2+ connection.

You can use this a reference to configure your 3rd party modem/router.

Please visit this Link.


Let me know should you require further assistance.