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Connecting Google Nest

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Hi guys,


Following the instructions provided by Google, I tried to connect my new Google Nest router (via ethernet cable) to Ariss CM8200 Modem (NBN) to set up a mesh network.

Once connected the next step is to open Google Home app on phone and use prompts to connect Google Nest router (and then the two points) to the newly created Wi Fi network. However, the nest router does not connect to network using these instructions.


Google support said I needed to connect Google Nest to TP Link Archer VR 1600V version 1:1 Router first and then connect to Ariss CM8200 Modem. This did not solve the problem-it still won’t connect. Google assured me the Google Nest equipment was functioning as it should and I needed to talk to my ISP (TPG).


TPG talked me through multiple Internet settings adjustments for the TP Link router but no solution was found.


The whole exercise has taken more than 8 hours. I know the issue can only be resolved by TPG but they’re now telling me I need to go back to Google – so around, around we go.


I saw a previous post asking exactly the same question from a guy using exactly the same equipment. The ‘answer’ from the TPG moderator made no sense. I was wondering whether anyone else has experienced the same issues and found a solution.

If you have, I’d appreciate you sharing the secret.





Hi @glennhowes


Welcome to the Community!


Since you have an Arris CM8200 NBN NTD box, this means that your service is under the NBN HFC technology.


In order for your to use a third party modem/router, you need to make sure that it can be configured to have a VLAN ID 2, then the PPPoE authentication. If the Google Nest router doesn't have this option, then you may use it as an access point instead.


You may check the previous conversation here.


Stay safe.