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Connection to intranet to Granny Flat

Level 2

Hi, I hoping to connect my granny flat to the internet.  We have tried Wifi boosters (doesn't work well well & internet constantly buffers) & we cannot get wireless broadband as there is no connection to the granny flat.  I've been told I need a portable modem.  Does TPG have portable modems?  I searched but nothing came up.  The only portable modem & contract was with Optus @ $89 per month

Level 15

Hi @janicejo262 . Is there any possibility to run a CAT6 ethernet cable from the house to the granny flat?

TPG does have 4G wireless broadband (=NBN20/2) or 5G wireless broadband (up to NBN100/20). 5G is not available everywhere. Both these use SIM card like mobile phone.

Maybe regular mobile phone plan is sufficient. How many people. What sort of internet activity?


Hi @janicejo262 


Have you checked your address through Home Wireless Broadband: and 5G HB:


If yes, and we can't service your area, then you can go with the advise of @david64 to use a long Ethernet cable from the main modem/router going to the access point on your granny flat.


Or, check if the NBN can be installed in the granny flat. 


We can raise it with our Sales Expert for further checking. Just send us a private message with your account details.