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Details to use a BYO router?

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So my NBN HFC service is up and running, after many months of waiting. But between when I purchased my plan and now, I have acquired a router that I would like to use rather than the standard one supplied when I purchased my plan. Solely for better house coverage, and because I don't need to use the VoIP settings that come with the base router, as I don't have a landline and never plan on getting one.

Of course, to use the new router I'd need the settings to configure it, but I cannot find anywhere to email support and acquire the details. So I'll just ask here. Can one of the admins please pm me and let me know the details of my setup (after I give you the proof of address and such)
Hi , 
Your TPG username/Customer ID  is sent to your registered email address after sign-up.
Here is the link on where you can find the basic steps in setting up a 3rd party equipment: NBN Support 
Just to set your expectation, for security reasons the home phone component of your bundle is encrypted and requires the use of our modem, to make and receive phone calls. 
Otherwise, you may send us with your mobile number or service address via private message so we can assist you accordingly. 

Hi @Krystallin21 


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The type of third party device that will work with the NBN HFC service is a VDSL modem/router.

You need to make sure that the VLAN ID can be set up to '2', then the connection type should be PPPoE and the authentication method should be 'PAP'. Make sure that the correct TPG username and password is used to configure the device.


That's basically it to configure a third party device.


Let us know if you need further assistance.