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Firmware download for VX220-G2V


Hi @Anzar


The firmware of your modem/router might be the latest one if it's just 5 months old.


What troubleshooting have you tried so far?


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Hi Basil,


Thanks for removing my account details and I am indebted for that courtesy.


I have reset the router 3 times already, and still its the same deal. My biggest issue is Range and the 5g band just disconnects intermittently, even though My room is quite close to the router.


The router is placed within the house but does not extend wifi up to across 2 rooms even. In all honesty my old router which was 4 years old started the intermittent disconnects cuz of heat issues however the range of that was superb extended all the way outta the house and in the front lawn and that was archer 1600 the white one.


Was I shipped a lemon maybe? i know some devices are DOA or what could be the cause.


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Hi Anzar,


Can you send our moderators a PM with your name, account number and preferred contact details?


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Joseph D

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Can you provide the link for firmware upgrade?