Firmware upgrade

Level 1c

Hi, can I have a firmware upgrade please.

Product type: HG659
Device ID: 00E0FC-J3N8W17322004765
Hardware version: VER.B
Software version: V100R001C216B112





Hi @chooky68,


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We have located the account using your community details.


We have already requested a firmware upgrade and we'll be in touch as soon as an update is received. Thank you.

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Hi, Just wondering what is happening with the firmware upgrade???

Also in the last few days home phone has stopped working.

When trying to call from mobile I get "The number you have called is not valid, please check the number & try again...."

I have a feeling these two things are related.


Hi @chooky68, we are still waiting for an update, but we have already made a follow up. Are you also able to PM us the make and model, including the serial number of the modem?


To send a PM, please refer to this link: How do I private message (PM) in the community - TPG Community


Hi @chooky68


Thanks for informing us via PM that you purchased the modem outside of TPG.


Unfortunately, we can only perform a firmware upgrade on the modems that we supply. The modems we provide are preconfigured in such a way that it allows us to send a new firmware if needed.


In addition, the homephone service will only work with TPG-supplied modems since the phone settings are configured to the equipment on our end. This is why your phone isn't working at this point.


If you need to use the homephone, you'll need to get a modem from TPG. Let me know if you're interested in getting a modem from us so we can discuss the options on how we can provide you a compatible equipment.



Level 1c

I have gone back to my other modem/router.

Internet is working but the landline is still NOT WORKING!!!

Still getting the same message as before.

fyi: Landline was working before with my billion but stopped when I tried the huawei. 


Hi @chooky68,


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The VoIP phone for our TPG FTTB will only work on the TPG supplied modem since we have the settings embedded to its special firmware.


We are puzzled that it was able to work using your old modem. Are you able to provide a picture of your Billion modem along with its model number?


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