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Hi everyone.  I have recently purchased a Google Nest Wifi and looking to set it up with points around the house as our current coverage is quite weak in certain areas.  Have connected the NBN modem supplied and unfortunately am unable to connect.  


I phoned TPG and confirmed the internet is working.  I then contact Google who conducted a status report and they advised that the Nest router is not getting the IP address or internet connection from the modem.  They say this means that the modem is not provision.  They advised that we will need to have our ISP (TPG) provision the modem.


I am not sure what this means and how to do this.  Has anybody else set up a Google Nest router and be able to assist?





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Hi Steve,


Are you connecting your Nest directly to the NBN Connection Device/Box via it's Gateway port? 


NBN Connection Device <> Nest in router mode


Or are you connecting via a router supplied by TPG?


NBN Connection Device <> TPG supplied router <> Nest


If its the former I have read that the Nest does not allow for you to customise the VLAN tagging/ID of your connection hence why its not able to establish a connection.


I just recently did some research and found that to be the case for but the info I obtained could be incorrect and the latest versions of the Nest can.  I ended up getting a TP-Link mesh wifi network as they allow for you to do VLAN tagging which needs to be set to 2.  Best to double check.


If its the latter, how are you connecting the router to the Nest, via wifi or cable?






Hi @stevepurser 


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We were able to locate your account using your community details and understand that you are under the NBN HFC technology.


In order for you to use a third party modem/router, you need to make sure that it can be configured to have a VLAN ID 2, then the PPPoE authentication. If the Google Nest router doesn't have this option, then you may use it as an access point instead.


You may check the previous conversation here: TPG HFC Modem and Google NEST (not Wifi)



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Can I ask if you've resolved this issue ?  


Have been having the same problem, and every answer I find on the Community page from a moderator doesn't make any sense at all.  Keep getting links to old conversations that make even less sense.  TPG really needs to put up an FAQ and Help guide for Google Nest users.  Getting them set up is a nightmare if you are not tech oriented.   


Hi @djbris


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Thanks for the suggestion in regards to this case.

For now, the information that you need is in the previous conversation here.


Look for @JovermarL as he provided an instruction on how to configure your device as an access point.


Let us know if you need further assistance.