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HFC and Google Wifi

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Hi folks,


I have the NBN with TPG, over HFC. Bought Google Wifi to sort the wifi in my long skinny house, but haven't been able to get it to get an internet connection.


So, existing setup was the standard TPG supplied Arris NBN modem -> Huawei HG659 router.


Having done a bit of research it seems some people have been able to connect Google Wifi direct to their HFC modem i.e. Arris NBN modem -> first Google Wifi point. I tried this first but it tells me it can't get an internet connection.


I then tried connecting the first Google Wifi point directly to the HG659 i.e. Arris NBN modem -> HG659 -> first Google Wifi point. Same result.


I've also tried entering my TPG account and password into the PPPoE settings of the Google Wifi, but same result. Done multiple restarts of everything etc.


I found the article on putting the HG659 in bridge mode and will try that next, although that seems to only be required if you want to use the HG659 for VOIP which I don't need. Ideally I would get rid of the HG659 altogether.


Can anyone point me in the right direction? Does anyone have Google Wifi connected directly to their Arris NBN modem with HFC?


Thanks ...


Good day @Wilbur.


Welcome to TPG Community!


If you wish to use a third party modem/router for your NBN HFC technology. It should be a VDSL modem since you are going to set the VLAN ID to 2.


I believe your Google WiFi is just a router which is not compatible for the NBN HFC configuration (Can't replace the Huawei modem/router).


You may check this community discussion with one of our customer who used a different VDSL2 modem (ASUS).



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Thanks for the info. I've put the Huawei into bridged mode, and everything is now working, but yes as you've said the Huawei modem/router is still required.


So for anyone using this in the future the working setup is:

Arris NBN modem -> HG659 in bridged mode -> first Google Wifi point.


Thanks for the assistance.


You're welcome, @Wilbur.


Should you require further assistance, feel free to drop us a message. Cheers!

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I’ve just read an interesting post and answer re HFC and Google WiFi set up.  On a related point, am I able to connect my Google WiFi behind a Netgear R7000P router (instead of the supplied Huawei HG659) and have voice calls as part of a new TPG connection?



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Hi @mgw2 The simple answer is no, you need to use the supplied HG659 modem/router to keep the included VOIP service. Even if you were to obtain and enter the settings into your Netgear R7000P the server would not authenticate it.

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Thanks @orbistat for the quick reply. 


So if I stick with the HG659 and set up my Google WiFi behind that (in bridge mode), does that mean the phone function will be disabled?  If so, is there a way I can have Google WiFi and a phone connection available?



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Hi @mgw2 If you set the HG659 to bridge mode it has no way of routing the VOIP so yes you'll lose your phone, I'm not familiar with the interface on the Google WiFi or whether you can change it from router mode to access point mode.

Depending on that you might be able to switch off DHCP and WiFi on the HG659 and let the Google WiFi do all the routing, although I just had a quick look at a HG659 and can't see an option to disable NAT separately. Further testing required.