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HG659 hardware ver B please provide firmware V100R001C216B113

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Hi @sneighbourhome,


I've seen that the last time you have been in touch with our Technical Support Team was last February of this year.

Our initial test result shows a multiple dropouts on your connection unfortunately we need your cooperation to do a basic tests to identify what causes the issue.

We can definitely request a firmware upgrade for your modem/router but please be advised that doing the troubleshooting will also help in rectifying the dropouts on your service.


We'll get back to you as soon as we got an update for the modem firmware upgrade.



Level 1c
Thanks for organising the upgrade. I'll give it a few weeks and will raise a fault if/when dropouts continue.

You're very welcome, sneighbourhome!


We'll revert to you the soonest we hear from our Technical Team. 





Good day, sneighbourhome


Your request to update the modem's firmware has been successful. 


Please feel free to let us know should you have further queries or requires any assistance.