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How do I upgrade firmware on Huawei HG659

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Hi there, 

Yes, I am aware of that. I need the modem to be updated to general firmware so that I can use it with my new provider. Currently it is locked to TPG. Thanks!


Hi @thomasgrealy, it's not locked, and you can use the TPG modem provided that it is properly configured to your new ISP details (Username, Password and VLAN ID). You can contact them directly for further assistance.


We'd like to arrange an account specialist to contact you to finalise the cancellation of your account. Please PM us your best contact number and most convenient time to receive a call.



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Hi there, 


Yes, I requested that my account be cancelled on 21st of December. Can you advise why this hasn't occurred yet? And that I have not been paying for it since then?


I can also assure you that the modem is definitely locked to be used by TPG service only. My new ISP has advised me that they cannot configure it to function. TPG email support have advised that it is locked to TPG only and that it needs a general firmware update so that it can be used by other ISP's. They have suggested following up with Huawei, however Huawei have advised me that it is the responsibility of TPG to unlock it. 

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Hi TPG, 

Can you please respond to me? It has been over 2 days. 




Hi @thomasgrealy


Apologies for the delay in response as we just resumed our operations today, 02 January 2020.


In order for us to disconnect a service, we will need a written notice/request from the account holder otherwise, the account will still remain active. 


Furthermore, our equipment is not locked, if you are going to use it for internet only. The VoIP feature is the only thing disabled as it encrypted.  We have chosen not to supply these to end users to simplify setup and to ensure the security of our customers' connection. 


I have sent you a private message with information regarding the disconnection of your service. 



Thank you!  


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Hi I was also wondering if you'd be able to update the firmware of my model also?

Hi @Wernotnoobs,


Welcome to the Community!


We need to pull up your account to check if a firmware upgrade is possible. We can't seem to find a an exact record matching your community details. Can you PM us your customer ID or username including the address so we can check this further?


How do I private message (PM) in the community




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Can I get my firmware updated also.


I'm on firmware V100R001C216B111







Hi @rimbobran,


Welcome to TPG Community!


The request will be forwarded and updates will be given as soon as it becomes available.




Hi @rimbobran, the firmware has been upgraded. Feel free to message us should you need further assistance. Cheers!