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How to back up settings in the Archer VR1600v

Level 2

Does CWMP have anything to do with the "snoop" setting [or option]?

Level 2

Der! Sorry, just read up on IGMP, and found it is only used when there's multicasting occuring. Not for me, so off it goes.

Level 1b

It always amuses me when someone who hasnt provided any assiistance says at the end "please let me know if I can provide further assistance"

Level 1

Well, another upset customer here.

Not only the new modem does not offer the settings backup option, but it does not offer it despite that being the main reason I asked to be sent a new modem and agreed to 6-month contract and a 10 bucks delivery fee. The settings backup option was literaly the reason I wanted that new modem and it must have been clear to the support person who called me regarding my phone not working, wanting to factory-reset the modem remotely in an effort to fix that issue. Since I have so many settings in there that it is a half of my day spent setting everything up again, I said I was not happy to do that and then potentially do that again on a new modem if a replacement was needed and that I'd really like to have a modem that has the backup option available anyway, so would it be possible to send me such a modem please? I was told that yes, with those above mentioned conditions. For the backup feature I was happy to agree to both. And now I have a modem that does all the same things the just replaced one did and no backup option, also same as the original modem. And I found that out after I set everything up. Very upset... ! :-(