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How to back up settings in the Archer VR1600v

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still doesn't explain why ?

all i wanted to do was backup the current config in case of issue.  After speaking to "tp-link" they advised a different account was "available" which opened up more options.  Along with other interesting preconfigured things... 

I'm happy to stick with the "tpg stock" firmware, I understand why and also it seems like a solid service so far but please enable the config backup for next run, if possible.  If it was enabled I wouldn't have delved this far.  I can imagine why it is distrubuted this was...But i do want to keep using tpg tested firmware.  It makes sense.

Is there any other option OR

Can you advise any cisco models that are supported with your service please ?


Thank you for replying.






Hi @groan,


We welcome all feedback as hearing from our customers is the best way we can improve our business. As advised, we've escalated this matter for future improvements.


Currently, there's no other option to backup config on the modem. You can use a third party NBN ready modem/router, however, the VoIP phone will not work with it.


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What would possess a company to provide a modem that cannot have it settings backed up?

As soon as you ring with a problem they want the modem reset and bang you have lost all your port forwarding, fixed ip address (i have 16 to enter and it's a pain) along with a myriad of other little things that I like and do not affect the connection. If it is like most tp-link modems the backed up file is encrypted and can't be read by anyone so it is not a security matter. Sad that no-one at TPG has the technical foresight to see that this would be a huge problem. Telstra are another bunch of idiots that do this with their supplied modems. But no others that I could find. Even iinet & internode's modem can have the settings backed up and they are part of TPG. When is this feauture going to be unlocked as I know it is in there and TPG have just elected to hide it from the admin account.

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Not sure if this helps anyone, but I just noticed the same problem - no Backup/Restore or Firmware Upgrade menu items. I then realised that I was using remote administration. When I went back to the LAN and logged in there, the menu points were available once more. This was on a VR600 router.

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No backup is completely ridiculous. I am VERY unhappy about this. You ripped me off TPG. I bet Aussie Broadband would not do such a stupid thing. I will be telling everyone I know to keep away from such deception (it's not really a tp-link Archer VR1600v - it's a spayed Archer VR1600v and should have model number Archer VR1600v-s).

I always control wifi access by MAC address whitelist and IP/MAC binding. What a PITA not being able to back that up for 20 devices.


Hi @markh1289,


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I'm sorry that the current firmware doesn't meet your expectations. I can understand the reason why you need the back up option. We will take note of this for future consideration.





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Hi @markh1289 while you consider this important, in reality the need to ever reload that configuration is highly unlikely, the VR1600v is a very reliable device and unlikely to fail, actually I've never needed to reload a modem router configuration in the last 20 years for any reason.

In the unlikely event of a catastrophic device failure you could always refer to a couple of saved screenshots of even a spreadsheet which would record your combinations for use in any future device. It would take 10 mins out of your day to achieve. Just cut and paste.

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I understand your point and disagree with it. Please explain why TPG get a special cut of firmware with backup removed (compared to standard off-the-shelf Archer VR1600v). The config I put in tsake more than 10 minutes and even if it's 1 minute their ommission of a standard feature that wastes that much of my time is ridiculous when no other router has no backup fasility.


@markh1289 TPG loads it's custom firmware on our NBN modem/router so that it can match with the system we use to provide you with TPG NBN internet and homephone. This is also done for added security and privacy of the connection.


We apologize for whatever inconvinience this has caused you. We will take your concern into account for future firmware updates.


Kind regards,

Joseph D

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“so that it can match with the system we use to provide you with TPG NBN internet and homephone” the stock Archer VR1600v firmware will work with TPG network, right? It’s all based on common standards so your statement is not convincing.

Is there a security issue with the stock firmware not being smart about saving passwords in the backup?


“for added security and privacy of the connection’ if you cared about privacy you would give me the option of turning off CWMP. This is possible in stock firmware and not in TPG special firmware which I’m not happy about.

CWMP has caused many security breaches eg,

“Through a recent study of TR-069 ACS implementations, Check Point's Malware and Vulnerability Research Group uncovered several flaws in solutions from ACS vendors, since some xSPs do not implement TR-069 ACS software in a secure manner.”