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How to back up settings in the Archer VR1600v

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I'm sorry, but the statement "the back up settings feature of our supplied modem/router unfortunately its not yet available" is a half-truth and you know it. The feature is available but hidden from normal (admin) user access, made available only to the "su" user, which customers aren't given access to. For what reason customers aren't given access to the backup functionality, one can only guess, probably something to do with the CWMP settings that are probably saved in the backup file.


Very poor form that the option isn't available because some of us have more robust set-ups that take more than an hour to re-add when the modem decides to have one of its moments. Not offering the capability to save all USER settings is just pathetically slack. I have my fingers crossed that the NBN tech coming tomorrow to try to diagnose a fault that is causing us to have random dropouts, won't be wanting to reset the modem to defaults, otherwise it won't just be the "up to 4" hours he has the three of us who are still working from home offline, but another hour while I reconfigure the modem! Smiley Sad

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I know its an old thread but I have also been searching for a settings back up and found its just not there. I am astonished that something so essential is not in there.
I dont want to have to redo my whole network at home just to be able to reset my modem router to see if it fixes a couple of things. ie. The wifi on/off button works when it wants to and the wifi schedule is useless as it also works whn it feels like it.

Basic troubleshooting and I cant backup my settings...  

On top of that im not getting the speed I payed for and was told ill have lol. 

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ONLY works if your router is VR1600 V1 DOES NOT WORK ON VR1600 V2


I will get straight to the point. Go to your router IP address: e.g.

for the login info put

username: su

password: ygDT92!ez7

Click Advanced > Select " System Tools" on the left hand side

voila you got your backup and restore option.

WARNING: if you don't understand the steps and risk involve please do not proceed with any changes.

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Yes, I completely agree.  I lost all the settings in the Archer 1600 when the TPG helpdesk reset it remotely recently. It then took me 2 hours to enter all the settings again. 


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Do we have the ability to backup and restore our routers yet? This has been going on for a long time now and I do believe it to be ridiculous not having the ability to backup your settings.


Hi @gillicol, at this point, it is not yet available on the TPG supplied modem as previously mentioned on this thread.

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I had to do a reset of the modem yesterday. Why?


The NBN in my area was out but the tech head went through their standard checklist:

Turn the modem on and off again

Have you tried a different cable?

Power cycle the NBN box.

Connect the modem directly to the NBN box.

Reset the modem

Reset the NBN box.


All up - completely borked system and all modem settings lost because DUE TO NO BACKUP FUNCTIONALITY they didnt know their arnus from their head.


I'm leaving tpg as soon as my contract is up.


We are sorry to know that you are considering leaving TPG. If there's anything else that we can assist you with, please let us know. Thank you.