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How to configure own netgear modem router to nbn

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Nbn technician finally came to restore nbn service, when I asked him how I can use my own Netgear D6220 VDSL2 enabled modem router to connect to the internet, he told me I need to setup a mac address that can communicate with tpg's server. He told me to find how to on youtube but I can't find it.

So what do I need to do to enable my own netgear modem router to connect to nbn? I don't want to use the huawei modem provided by tpg as huawei products have been reported to contain china spyware in service to the chinese regime.
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If you have NBN FTTN make sure that your using the DSL port at the back of your Modem



Now log in to Netgear by going to

In Basic Settings Select Internet and Copy the settings as shown in my Screen Shot Below


Internet Settings.jpg


Remember that your Home Phone will not work if you're going to use any other modem.

Let me know if this help.




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Hi guys,


How can I use my TPG home phone with this modem?

Is this possible?




Hi @localhost,


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The TPG NBN VoIP home phone will not work with a third party modem since the configuration is embedded in our modem firmware.


Should you require further assistance, please let us know.


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Thanks BasilDV,


My idea was (because there is not VOIP port) to connect external phone and set server/username/password.


Is this possible?




Hi @localhost,


The VOIP settings are preconfigured to the modems we provide to customers. At this point, we don't provide the SIP settings for security purposes.