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Huawei HG659 ethernet issues, intend to replace with a TP-Link Archer VR600

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After reading the last part of your post, and being a person who experiences frequent short dropouts with his connection, I looked at my noise safety coefficients numbers. They are 6.9 and 6.2 respectively. By your metric this might be my issue. Have you any idea how this might be addressed and rectified, if at all?




Hi @Boozaboi


Welcome to the Community!


Using your community details, I checked your account to find out if there's a possible line issue affecting your service.


Based on the tests I performed, we detected specific dates where your connection has been unstable. This may need assistance from NBNCo to check the line. I have escalated this issue to our Engineering Team for further assistance.


Expect to receive updates from our Engineers regarding the escalated ticket in the form of SMS or phone call.


If you have questions or need clarification, let me know.



Level 2

Archer VR1600v - what a piece of rubbish!

Brand new out of the box replacement for a faulty HG659

The HG659 ran well I admit until it started to intermittently fail but the Archer is crap.

Constant lockups requiring power cycle to reset since new.

Restricted my network to only have static IP devices and no WiFI but still locks up.

In the bin now with the Huawei.

Back to my reliable D-Link DSL-4320L and screw the voip.


Both TPG units are for basic users. Wifi coverage is average at best.




Hi @belico,


I'd like to clarify if the modem/router is turning on and off by itself or the connection of your device(s) is intermittently getting disconnection.


Is it happening on both modem/routers? ( Huawei HG659 and the TP-Link Vr1600)


If so, what device(s) are affected by the dropouts?