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Huawei HG659 wireless 5 GHz problems

Level 1c

Devices connected to the modem via WLAN 5 GHz stop connecting to the internet regularly. I can change to WLAN 2.4 GHz: and performance is normal, but not an ideal solution in an appartment block with crowded 2.4 GHz. It seems that there is a newer firmware version than the current version 100R001C216B011. I appreciate an update in the hope that it will fix the WLAN 5 GHz connection problems. Thanks.


Hi @jesi,


Welcome to TPG Community!


Please send us a private message with the Modem's Make/Model and its Serial Number so we can request for a firmware upgrade.


To send a private message, please refer to this link: How do I private message (PM) in the community - TPG Community


We'll wait for your PM. Thank you.


Hi @jesi


We'd like to make a follow up regarding your modem's Make/Model and its Serial Number so we can request for a firmware upgrade.


Please let us know via PM so that we can progress with this case. 



Level 1c

Thanks Erika.


I have just sent you a private message. I did send one to Riezl yesterday as well.




Thanks @jesi!


I've now requested for a firmware update for your modem. 


I'll keep you posted once done. Smiley Happy

Level 3

Any chance a firmware update might fix my HG659?

I haven't been able to even see my 5GHz network band for several months. Prior to that it would drop frequently.

I suspect it is because the HG659 AUTO selects a channel for the 5GHz band that my Macbook Pro doesn't support.

Tried rebooting the router many times, changing the 5GHz channel to 20/40, renaming, even upgraded to the latest OSX without any success.

Have resorted to running a long ethernet cable across the room to the router.


My Samsung Tablet does see and connect to the 5GHz channel, just not any of the Macs.



Hi @mhabgood,


Thanks for raising this with us. It seems that there's no issues within the 5Ghz connection, since your Samsung device is able to work, but will request for the modem firmware to be updated.


If issue still persists, I'll arrange a call from our Tech team to check this further.


Kind regards,



Hi @mhabgood,


The firmware of your modem is now updated.


Should you require further assistance, please let us know.


Kind regards,