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Huawei router AX3 pro (WS7200)

Level 2

Hi, I swapped over HG659 with Huawei AX3 router & connect to my NBN-HFC-NTD box, but after trying a few times the AX3 still couldn't connect to internet, the router said it couldn't detect internet which is weird because it works perfectly normal on HG659 before. Is there a chance that TPG doesn't allow this particular AX3 modem to work?


Hi @yongjinphern . HFC needs VLAN ID=2 setting on WAN connection. I couldn't find a manual online so can't say how this is done. Maybe compare with your old router.

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snaptube vidmate

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Hi , Wonder if you find a way to connect your Huawei AX3 router to your NBN-HFC-NTD box?