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Internet down - Can't get through to support

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Hi Team,

My internet has been down since yesterday (18th February) and I have been unable to get through to Support either last night or today. I have spent over an hour on hold both days - this is getting a bit ridiculous.

The NBN Network Connection Device (NCD) has been flashing red (connection icon) and clicking non-stop.

I have restarted the device over a dozen times both connected to the wall socket as well as disconnected. Same result. There are no other sockets in the apartment and no other devices connected.

Can someone please contact me ASAP as both my wife and I need the internet to work.

Kind Regards,


Hi @damienandjess,


If you're having issues with NBN service, we recommend the best thing to do first is check if there's an outage on the NBN network.

We have created this article that can guide you on How to Check for NBN Network Outage

If there are no known outages in your area you may perform basic troubleshooting, we did an article that you may find helpful see this link below.


Troubleshooting no internet connection


In this case, Flashing red light on NBN-NCD means a fault line causing the service not to work. We've seen that you have been in contact with one of our Technicians and this issue has been raised to our Engineering Team. This is now under assessment and investigation.


Updates will be provided when it becomes available via SMS or Phone call.