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Link Status Uptime on TP-LINK VX220-G2V Router

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TPG have replaced my router with a TP-LINK VX220-G2V router after many issuses trying to get my VOIP service running.  After a month of running OK, My Line kept dropping out numerous times a day.

When I went to check the DSL Link Status page on the router , I noticed that the Link Status - connection time information is missing ?   I am certain it was on the old TPG supplied router.


So I have no idea how stable the DSL link has been up?  The router Power up time I know is still displayed.


BTW - the system log is useless as its full of DHCP events ....


Any ideas please ?



Hi @ant01jan2


We're here to help and also check the status of your connection. Please send us a private message and we'll pull up your account.