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My nbn speed is not supported TPG 2g modem

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I have tpg modem and NBN was installed.I am on basic plan which is 11mbs . The problem is that on 2g I am getting only 1.9 mbs and

on 5g I am getting around 10mbs.


My question is it normal that 2g will only get 1.9 mbs or 2mbs speed . I used to get 3mbs even on my dsl connection. what is the maximum speed that on 2g that a tpg modem can get


Hi @bibinmat 


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Since you are able to get a good speed via 5GHz connection, it is possible that there's a lot of interference that affects the signal of your 2.4GHz connection that caused the slow speed issue.


We've created an article that will help you improve your home network. You may check this link.


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