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NBN Cable / Archer VR1600v/ PFsense

Level 2

Morning ,


I am in the process of dipping my toes in PFsense/Opensense world


What i am a little confused about is the setup when you have Hybrid Cable - Hybrid cable being  supplied a NBN Cable modem which connects directly into the wall socket and then has a RJ45 cable which plugs into the Wan port on the back of the Archer VR1600 Modem .


It appears the Archer connects via Ewan and uses a connection type of PPPoE set to connection type Auto and connection mode auto .


My Question is


Do i swap out the Archer modem with my Dual NIC PFsense box conneting the RJ45 cable from the Cable Modem to the Wan Designated port on the PFsense Box ?


Then setup the PFsense box to connect via PPPoE using the ISP Supplied Username and Passwords ?





Level 15

Hi @dphythian . If your internet works with the Archer in that configuration, you can remove it and replace with pfsense with the same config, including VLAN ID setting.

You can search in Community for others using pfsense.