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NBN Fixed Wireless Static IP

Level 2

I'm currently having NBN Fixed Wireless installed at my location, just wondering if I will have the option for a static IP address? I need this for what I plan to use the connection for.


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All our NBN residential plans come with a dynamic IP address. You may opt to switch to our NBN business to get a static IP. Check out our NBN Business Plans at


Should you wish to get the business plan, we can either wait for the installation to be completed then process a plan change. Or we can cancel the existing order and raise a new one. Send us a private message with your customer ID or username and we'll go from there.



Level 15

@Aubrey . User has asked for "NBN Fixed Wireless" plan. Is this the same as the 4G and 5G Wireless plans which use CG-NAT which don't allow for access from the internet?

A static ip would need a cabled type of NBN connection.



@david64, Agreed and thanks for pointing that out. @JordanScott, at present, our NBN business plans which offer static IP are available only for cabled type of NBN connections.