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NBN Home Superfast SLOW

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I recently upgraded to the NBN Home Superfast but the speed is much slower than our previous plan with TPG. And now some areas of our house does not get any internet connection at all. 


I have seen this question asked before but there is no answer for a solution. The offer was 232 Mbps Download and 21 Mbps Upload and I am getting 26.5 Mbps Download and 19.4 Mbps Upload. The Download is way way off.

I just want to know How to get it faster? since I am paying more now. Or should I just downgrade to a different plan?


Hi @cjrfr . What type of NBN connection do you have?

What model wifi router?

Is it the same one from your previous plan?

What was your previous plan speed?

Does your router have a QoS or Bandwidth Control? Is it enabled and if so, is there a value?


Regarding wifi coverage, for the devices that don't get internet, have they weaker wifi signal than before?

What is their wifi connection speed to the router? When you make a wifi connection to the router, the device will show the connection speed.

Are they connecting on 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz band?

Do you have an ethernet computer or 5Ghz laptop to get best speed indication?

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Honestly speaking I don't know what much about what you are talking about.

First two question I don't know.

Same modem as my previous one.

Dont know

Dont know how to check?

Very much weaker

If I connect straight to router it does go a little faster

Don't know

Don't know


Thanks though...

I thought I could do something at home first before I call TPG about it.



Hi @cjrfr,


We're keen on getting your speeds back on track. Please send us a private message and we'll go from there.