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NBN Wifi does stay as connected network

Level 2
Have been having issue with my NBN connection from Huawei HG659 modem. Middle of 2022 got a new iPad and it kept dropping my Wifi network as it said the settings were not secure. Ended up updating some of the modem settings based of info I got from a post on this forum but the connections keep dropping off including from my iPhone. Means I have to continuously go into settings and select my Wifi for it to connect even though it is saved as one of the connections in My Network. Does anyone else have this issue or know how to fix this?
Level 15

Hi @Pvchan . The HG659 should be able to do these settings:

WPA/WPA2 Personal,  WPA2-PSK,  AES.


Does the new ipad connect to the hg659 wifi at all and get internet, or can it not even connect to the wifi?


Can the ipad connect to the iphone hotspot or does it fail there also?


Does the iphone have any problems when it is connected to the hg659 wifi?


Do the iphone and new ipad detect the same number of other networks around the place? The new ipad may have poorer reception or even be faulty.

Is there an old ipad to compare with the new ipad?