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NBN modem clicking every 30sec but connection is fine.

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My NBN modem is seemingly working fine, but makes a relay like click every 30 seconds or so. In addition the link indicator is flashing blue.

Is it on it's way out? It seems others get this but without a good connection. Sometimes after a lightning storm.

It's just been moved to a new house that previously had NBN. However before leaving the previous place we had an Internet outage which is when it started clicking. The NBN guy fixed the connection by replacing a battery in the appartment comms.
Level 2
Model: NDD-0300

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If there's no issues with your service, then you may check this articles that may help you,

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@merlinblack256 @BasilDV 

NDD0300 is the NBN box for FTTC. So, no battery backup and no FTTP.

Link light should only flash during startup (which could be up to 20 minutes). 

If it has episodes of flashing, and a click, doesn't seem good.


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Thank you both for the replies. I'm not using the phone side of things which I think the battery is used for, so I thought the clicking might be just an annoyance. But the connection failed tonight. Will be intresting to see what TPG find. Perhaps it's been slowly dying since whatever happened at my old place. There was a worker in the comms pit that day. Perhaps something got shorted, which might be why I'm seeing similar symptoms to others have had after an electrical storm.