Nbn modem

Level 3
So I got my fttc connected today and there was a problem with my modem because it continuously keeps resetting so tpg ordering another to be sent in 3-5 days so I bought a different modem until it arrives and got it connected with the help of a tpg customer support. But after a few hrs my modem internet is stuck on red for no reason.
Can someone help me with this?
Level 15

@eduardo23 . Are all 4 lights on the NBN FTTC box on?

What is the model number of the device you have you bought?

When you say "stuck on red", did it work at all or was it like that from when you turned it on?

Level 3
Ye the nbn box lights are all on and I fixed the issue by going to the modem settings and changing some stuff there so I'm back online now. Thanks