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Need to change internet plan - NO NBN available in my area

Level 2

I have an existing NBN account, but we have recently moved to an area in MANLY, NSW which does not have NBN yet (not due till June). With COVID, we are all working from home and need better internet than hotspot from phones.

What options do we have and how can we action?

I have tried online chat, phonecalls and emails, but every response takes hours or days and sends us back to a link about NBN accounts, which we don't want!


Level 15

At you can use the ADSL2+ coverage map to see what speed you should get.

NBN build commenced and TPG FTTB not available (not at a random address I checked).

You can apply for ADSL2+ from the site. There may be consideration in already having an NBN plan; the ADSL would be a downgrade I expect. There is a lead time to get the ADSL connected to your line.