Non- Issued Modem

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I rang TPG support seeking help to configure a new TP-Link VR400 to connect to the FFTN NBN
I'd followed the instructions from the TPG set-up page but ..
It didn't connect and the helpful chap swore that the VR400 isn't NBN ready.
Despite it being on this list of FTTC FTTN devices.
Why would he say that it's not compatible?
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Hi @saywot . Several users have VR400 connected ok.

Telephone cable goes from wall socket to DSL port for FTTN.

Check it is in proper operation mode.

Go to Advanced > Operation Mode, select the Wireless Router Mode, and click Save.

The modem router will reboot.


On Internet Connection Setup,

ISP list: Other

DSL modulation type: VDSL

If you have Bundled NBN/VOIP plan, VLAN ID: Enable; Value 2.

If Data only plan, VLAN ID Disabled.

Connection type: PPPoE



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Doesn't explain why the support agent said "it's not compatible with your connection" though.
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@saywot . Did those instructions help? You can do search in Community for VR400; there might be pointers.
The help desk isn't a good source of truth.