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We recently signed up with TPG and NBN. While our download speed for our mobile devices/tablets is around 40 mbps, this number is <1 mbps on our PS4.

Before switching to NBN this download speed was 2-4 mbps, so I don’t believe that distance from the router is the issue here. We can no longer stream Netflix from the PS4 and video games often get very laggy.

Please help



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the issue seems to be the wifi connectiong between the router and the PS4

What router are you using?


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We are having the exact same issue! just signed up today, super excited at the speeds we're getting only to turn on the PS4 and have it incredibly slow and unable to watch Netflix etc. did you manage to find a fix?


Hi @hkandn


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Are you using a WiFi or a Wired connection for your PS4?


Have you tested the speed of your connection using other devices?


Please send me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number to assist you accordingly.


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