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Hi there,


Really struggling to get PS5 Remote Play working with my Archer C1200. 

I've been looking into port forwarding and adjusting setting on the PS5 and NAT Forwarding > Virtual Servers, but still running into the same error while attempting connection using the PSPlay app on android; "Connection Failure! Connection could not be established."


With UPnP enabled, While configuring the router I come accross the following error in the PSPlay app; "Different Public IPs detected. Warning:0x06" and basically stating the provider does not give my router a "real" IP address, and therefore not reachable outside my network.

However, I have Plex setup through UPnP successfully, and it's easily accessible outside my network.

I am terribly confused, and any or all help (or just, 'this won't work') is welcomed.

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Hi @8bitNifty . You have Archer C1200 so do you have NBN FTTP connection?

You can find your WAN ip address on the router status page. 

When setting up port forwarding, the device you want to connect to should have a reserved local ip address outside the range of the local DHCP range.

If you want to login from the internet, you should set up Dynamic DNS so you can refer to your local network using a URL rather than the public ip address which can change from time to time. 

You should get the PS Play working locally. How does the PS Play app find the PS5? Do both devices have to be on same wifi SSID? Or, do you specify a local ip address?

The WAN ip address you see in the router should match what is shown at  .


Hi @8bitNifty ,


We do not have information on how PS5 Remote Play works, but I am curious about what is needed for this to work. Hopefully, one of our community members can give us some tips.





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Yes, an NBN FTTP connection.

It's an automatic set-up process, where-in once connected loacally (switch off the wifi on my mobile device), it will attempt to make the connection; and this is where the "Warning error" prompt will appear. When attempting to connect remotely you do have a choice of IP to choose from (which in my case is set to the same IP set for the PS5).
The local play does just have to be connected to the same SSID.

I have setup the IP to be outside the DHCP range, but it still has a hard time achieving connection, mainly due to the two 'modems'it seemingly has to go through


Thanks for helping out David64, I've been following your advice for a while now.

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@8bitNifty . So, you have the local connection working where phone and PS5 are on same SSID. (I think this uses WiFi Direct rather than trying to connect via the router.)

To use the remote connection, you turn off the phone's wifi and use the phone's mobile data. The only access the app has to the PS5 is via the WAN ip address of your router, in the router status display or at (both should display same value).


If PS5 supports UPnP, there's nothing further to do. The C1200 supports it since the Plex uses that method.

You need to check the Virtual Servers display and UPnP display to see that there is no conflict regarding port assignment. You can only forward one port to one device at a time. Also, that the proper protocol is selected (just do Both).


In setting the ip of the PS5, are you using the C1200 Address Reservation for the PS5 mac address?


There is also Dynamic DNS for remote access by name rather than ip address.